DONG Shikui

  • Professor of Environmental Engineering

    School of Environment,

    Beijing Normal University

    Beijing 100875, China


    Tel: 86-10-5880 6658

    Employment Record:

    2002-present, School of Environment, Beijing Normal University

    2001-2002, Ajou University, South Korea, Professor researcher


    BS, 1995, Shenyang Gold College, Northeast University (P.R. China)

    MS, 1998, Northeast University (P.R. China)

    PhD, 2001, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES),

    Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) (P.R. China)

    Membership in Professional Societies

    2005-present, Water Environment Association of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Membership

    2006-present, Chinese Society for Microbiology, Membership

    2006-present, Ecological Society of China, Membership

    2006-present, Mycological Society of China, Membership

    Research Interests

    Novel physic-chemical treatment process; Novel biological treatment process; Applied and Environmental Microbiology; PPCPs


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