YIN Xinan

  • Personal Information

    Xin’an Yin


    Associate Professor

    PhD Supervisor

    Fok Ying-tong Education Foundation receiver

    Mainly engaged in the research of eco-hydraulic Engineering, water ecosystem protection and restoration

    Won one item of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education, published more than 30 SCI papers and one academic monograph.

    Education Experience

    2011: University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Scholar

    2008-2011: Beijing Normal University, Doctor

    2009-2010: University of Westminster, National professional joint training doctoral student

    2005-2008: Beijing Normal University, Master

    2001-2005: Beijing Normal University, Bachelor

    Working Experience

    2012-present: Environmental School, Beijing Normal University. Lecturer, Associate Professor

    Teaching Information

    < The Latest Progress of Environmental Science>

    <Environmental System Engineering>

     Research Projects

    1. The research on Lancang river reservoir ecological operation under the water temperature-water quality disorder circumstance of climate change, NSFC, 2016-2018. Principle Investigator

    2. The research on the developmental strategy of 13th Five-Year of the water environment and eco-hydraulic engineering, NSFC, 2014, Principle Investigator

    3. The research on reservoir operation method of the river ecological flow under the development of hydropower circumstance, NSFC, 2014-2016, Principle Investigator

    4. The research on key operation technology of river ecological flow process under the development of hydropower circumstance, Fok Ying-tong Education Foundation, 2014-2017, Principle Investigator

    5. The research of river ecological flow operation based on the water electronic market power allocation adjustment, Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, 2014-2016, Principle Investigator

    Achievements and Publications

    Published more than 30 SCI papers and here are 10 representative papers:

    1. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng, Geoffrey E. Petts Ecofriendly River Management under Ever-Increasing Environmental Pressures. River research and applications. 2015,31(4): 403–405

    2. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng, Geoffrey E. Petts. Reservoir operating rules to sustain environmental flows in regulated rivers. Water Resources Research. 2011, 47: W08509.

    3. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng, Geoffrey E. Petts, G. Mathias Kondolf. A reservoir operating method for riverine ecosystem protection, reservoir sedimentation control and water supply. Journal of Hydrology.2014, 512: 379-387.

    4. Yin Xinan, Yang Xiaohua, Yang Zhifeng. Using the R/S method to determine the periodicity of time series. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. 2009, 39:731-745.

    5. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng, Wei Yang, Yanwei Zhao, He Chen. Optimized reservoir operation to balance human and riverine ecosystem needs: model development, and a case study for the Tanghe Reservoir, Tang river basin, China. Hydrological Processes.2010, 24:461-471.

    6. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng, Geoffrey E. Petts. Optimizing environmental flows below dams. River research and applications. 2012, 28: 703–7164

    7. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng. A reservoir operating model for directing water supply to humans, wetlands, and cones of depression. Ecological Modelling, 2013, 252,114– 120

    8. Yang Pan, Yin Xinan*, Yang Zhifeng. A revised range of variability approach considering the periodicity of hydrological indicators. Hydrological Processes. 2014, 28(26): 6222–6235

    9. Yin Xinan, Yang Zhifeng, Cailing Liu. Portfolio optimisation for hydropower producers accounting for both riverine ecosystem and producer needs. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences,2014, 18, 1359-1368.

    10. Yin Xinan, Xu-Feng Mao, Yan-Wei Zhao.Suitable range of reservoir storage capacities for environmental flow provision. Ecological Engineering.2015, 76:122-129.